Marshmallow Mania!

This little craft is pretty self-explanatory. The neat thing is though, Marshmallows dry hard as a rock(almost), so if you want to save your creations instead of eating them you can!

These buildings were SO much fun to make! Of course it can be more educational or less educational, it’s up to you! More educational would allow for an opportunity to explore some basic engineering skills. Instead of toothpicks, use Spaghetti Noodles! Have your kiddo build something and then place weights on to measure how much the building can tolerate before breaking…then rebuild better or try different designs & try again!

Less educational? Use tooth picks like we did and let them go crazy! One of our Marshmallow Towers was almost 30 “rooms” wide!

Either way your kids (and probably you too!) will have a blast making your marshmallow creations. The possibilities are endless, let your imaginations run wild! Then maybe make some Rice Crisp Treats when your done! Ha!


This could be good activity for a birthday party too I think, if you have a budding engineer in the home! – The Playologist Mom

ShortCake & Boogie Building together

ShortCake & Boogie Building together



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