Moon Dough! Only 2 Ingredients!

Back in January the girls and I were looking for some great hands on type crafts to keep us busy on cold days. We happened across Homemade Moon Dough! I gotta tell you, I was a skeptic at first, but alas, it worked like a charm! That batch of Moon Dough, which we tripled the recipe, has lasted more than 6 months, for a total cost of about $5. This activity is great for all ages, but is a great opportunity for your little ones to practice counting & measuring too!

My Girls "Squish Mixing" a Triple Batch of Moon Dough

My Girls “Squish Mixing” a Triple Batch of Moon Dough






Baby Oil


Step 1 – Mix together about 1 cup Baby Oil with 7-10 cups Flour.  ( I say 7-10 because it really depends on your preference of texture.  NO TOOLS or SPOONS or UTENSILS required…unless you don’t have kids, but then why are you making this!? Ha! Nope, get your kiddo’s and let them squish mix the whole batch, they will LOVE IT!

Step 2 – Once it’s good and squish mixed together your ready to play! Oh ya, wait a minute, you already are at this point! Go ahead and give your kids whatever, maybe some sand toys or if you have some play dough molds those work great too!

Important – If you want your Moon Dough to last, store in an air tight container. We used a big shallow clear tote, the kind from the Dollar Stores.

There ya have it! Hours and hours of fun at your fingertips! I have heard of some having success with coloring their Moon Dough, however, I have not attempted. If you try something and it works be sure to come back and leave it in the comments! Thanks! – The Playologist Mom



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