How our Family Survived for 5 Days! Part 1

It was TORTURE! We fought every minute of every day and every single member of our family wanted nothing more than to plug back in.   LOL Just Kidding!

ACTUALLY…. it went extremely well! In honor of Early Learning Month, I wanted to play a game with you! I DOUBLE DOG DARED you, my followers, to unplug from electronics for a whole 5 days.  While writing that post, I decided to approach my family with the idea that we might take our own challenge and complete the dare for ourselves! And that’s exactly what we did, as you will see in my 5 part mini series! You will get to see not only how we did it but how we thrived while doing it!

Studies show a lot of negative things about media and electronics. Most of which I agree with. However, I am not an anti-screen activist, I’m not here to tell you you’re a terrible parent because you utilize computers & kindles in your home. Not at all. I’m a HUGE tech fan, if you read my last post, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU!, then you would have seen the amount of tech we utilize on any given day. Most of which we use for our classroom, however we also use them for recreation. The important thing I am saying is to remember is life exists outside our devices. We can’t forget to “Stop and smell the roses”.

So to prove my point (I’m a practice what I preach kinda mom) and to honor Early Learning Month at SimplyFun we took our own challenge, myself, my amazing husband & my three super supportive children. We took an oath to be tech free for 5 whole days! Nothing, no Face Book, no Internet, No Leap Pads, No Wii, No MP3 players, no nothing! We unplugged the internet box in the house, stacked up the devices in a neat & tidy pile & said goodbye to tech for 5 days! Your probably thinking were crazy! Or maybe I had to force the idea on my family, fighting them the whole way. Thankfully I am lucky to have an extremely supportive family. Once I had explained my plan and how important it was to me they all jumped right on board. That was the easy part. We had no idea what would come of the next 5 days!

 The first Hours – Part 1

We unplugged on a Friday. Shortcake had a doctor’s appointment in Rapid City (a few hours away) that following Monday. My husband, being my husband (you would have to know him to truly appreciate what comes next) jumped on the opportunity to spend a few days at our cabin in Custer State Park, which is near Rapid City. Normally I would argue we had too many things to do here, we couldn’t possibly go, but for a change, we packed our bags and headed for the hills! What better place to celebrate & embrace no technology than in the middle of a forest. We will get to that in a minute though. I should first start with the fact that I was about to be trapped in a car with three Schnauzers, 3 kids & a husband for almost 3 hrs!   Maybe I am nuts!   What would we do? No DVD players or video games to distract the children? Piece of cake! I was prepared! I had thought ahead and packed a good chunk of travel worthy games! That was great!

The whole family took turns reading out the thought-provoking and interesting questions! Each question made us laugh, think, share & honestly, really get to know one another!

This particular question, I found highly appropriate, considering we were under oath to stay unplugged for 5 days! Keep in mind, by this point we had only been without tech for approximately 2 hours.

If you had to choose one to live without forever, which would it be: phone, computer, radio or TV?

So then we made it! We had survived the trip to the cabin, everyone happy and still smiling! When we first arrive at the cabin it’s straight to work…cleaning and making beds, then unpacking and getting settled in. We arrived late so we also hauled in enough firewood to get us nice and toasty! (it was pretty chilly, about 50 degrees I think)

We were all completely exhausted from the trip, so we read a bit in our books then drifted off to dream land. (by 8:30 pm!)

Keep Reading Here —-> Part 2, 24 hours in!




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