How we Survived – Approaching 80 hours, Part 4

Approaching 80 hours!

Preparing to leave the cabin is just as busy as arriving at the cabin! The hustle and bustle of getting everyone packed back up, general clean up, covering all the furniture and of course folding all those blankets we got out due to the chilly nights keeps a person quite busy. No time to think about electronics then! All hands on deck! The girls and I did the folding and daddy did the trash and loading the trunk. As a family we worked hard to make sure the cabin was tucked in good, being as it may be the last time there this year.

Our visit to the cabin was fantastic. It has provided us with a truly amazing opportunity to connect with nature and each other.

20141006_111619 20141006_111317

In case you’re wondering, Shortcake’s dentist appointment went super! She was in for her 6 month cleaning and Wahoo! for Shortcake, still no cavities! Proper brushing is one of the many things we practice around here!

On the road once again, 3 girls, 3 Schnauzers and a husband. This time I was ready again! Q&A games!

Are there any rules that you once disagreed with but agree with now?

Well that’ s a loaded question! The girls of course were dying to hear our answers to this one! In the spirit of having fun we did share rules that we disliked as children and now enforced as adults. Ya know, rules like bedtime and no dessert before supper. We all had a riot with this particular set of cards! For hours, the whole family was entertained, truly having real conversations about real things, while uncomfortably crammed in the same car. Ha! We really were crammed in there!

What about this quote?

Spending too much time with electronic media can be an isolating experience, with a negative impact on the development of social skills.

Yes and No. Yes because if electronic media is abused or used as a babysitter, no when parents really do keep an eye on things, use devices as a supplement to their own instruction or to reinforce skills or morals. Yup that’s me. There is good in everything, it all boils down to our choices. We can choose to leave our kids unattended with their robot babysitters or we can choose to monitor what our kids are doing…closely. This doesn’t mean hover and it certainly doesn’t mean they can’t experience freedom in their devices, it just means we as parents should keep a watchful eye, and be able to know when enough is enough.

Some families might have turned on a movie, given their  kids head sets and enjoyed the peace and quiet on the ride home. Others might not have those things and maybe their kids scream, holler, spit, pinch and bite each other during  a road trip, not our fam. We were “smelling the roses”. Jellyfish, my oldest, was so impressed with the sunset behind us on the way home she insisted on being able to use my camera for a picture.


By the time we made it home we were all completely exhausted again! No time to rest though! All hands on deck! The car needed to be unpacked, dirty laundry into the wash, trash thrown out (it’s amazing how much trash accumulates on a road trip!) and the chickens needed tending to! It was well after dark by the time we had finished.

To our amazement, yes, we truly were amazed, we had made it more than 72 hours without a minute of electronics! Being at home is a different story. It’s so easy to entertain ourselves with the excitement of new places, what would we ever do at home?

Bedtime came early, the girls were tucked into their own beds…and once again the family read themselves into dreamland. Home made no difference. We were all still completely entranced by the books we had selected. I fell asleep with the slightest worry what I was going to do for school in the morning…however I wasn’t worried enough not to enjoy my book and fall fast asleep.

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