How we Survived Day 3 – Part 3

How we Survived – Day 3 – Part 3

With absolutely nowhere to go and nothing to do on a lazy Sunday we took advantage of our surroundings. The girls and their daddy walked to the creek (just a hop, skip & a jump from the cabin) for some quality daddy/daughter time. Me?….I wanted nothing more than to curl up with my book and enjoy the silence. ( a homeschooling mamma doesn’t get too many of those opportunities!)

While I’m snug as a bug reading my heart out (The Maze Runner) the girls and their daddy had a wonderful time. They dangled their barefoot toes in the icy mountain water.

They hopped rocks under the bridge……



and of course got into a splash fight with Dad! Thankfully my camera was out of harms way!

Everyone seemed perfectly satisfied with their trip to the creek together and I couldn’t have been happier with the couple of hours of complete silence and relaxation that came with my book.

We had done it! 48 hours straight with absolutely no technology! We were on a roll! To celebrate we took a drive down a famous mountain road, named Wild Life Loop. It’s actually meant for tourists to get a chance to see the types of critters that we see every day around here, deer, that sort of thing.

Along the way we drive right past the Buffalo Corrals, where each year they round-up thousands of Buffalo for the big auction. Fun fact, this year there were almost 15.000 human attendees!

We had a chance to see one nice & close….no, there is no fence between us.


How cool is that!? Sure we can learn about these beasts in books, write book reports until our thumbs fall off about them, or we could go see them in real life! Heck, they are practically in our backyard!

How could we possibly get any closer to nature? Lol, well…..


Yup! If you know where to look you might just get extra close to some wilderness! Or in this case, wilderness will get extra close to you! (Yes! I have not one but two wild donkeys in my car!)



The girls were thrilled! Real wild donkeys. (spoiled and overfed by thousands of tourists each year, but wild none the less!) We were lucky enough to get to meet several yearlings, all of which were willing to let us pet them!


Maybe I do take this hands on learning approach too far? …… nah! I don’t think so!

WOW! What a day we had. Back at the cabin, barbecuing some awesome chicken, hanging out around the fire, what more could we ask for out of life. Oh yea, board game time!

Another super satisfying day! We rounded out our day by reading even more of the great books we brought with. Once again we drifted off to dream land by 9 pm.

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