How we Survived – Part 2

How we Survived – 24 hours in! – Part 2

Morning came early. Hauling in more firewood, breakfast, tending to the Schnauzer’s, all routine and hardly out of the normal for a typical trip to the cabin. Except for I did not log onto FB to check my notifications. I did resist the urge!

I got to thinking about that quote from my last post

Studies prove that children who have rich early learning experiences are better prepared to thrive in kindergarten and beyond!

What could we do this trip to ensure our girls were going to get the “richest” experiences from this trip. Really the whole trip, heck, this whole experiment was spur of the moment! Hardly any planning went into it all. We decided that being so close to shopping malls and department stores we may as well get our Halloween costume shopping done!

Back in the car we go! The trip to Rapid went smooth as silk. We were all still doing just fine! Having not even approached the 24 hour mark yet of course we were. Anyone can go 1 day without something.

Shopping was a blast! Trying on all the different costumes, wigs and accessories was so much fun. We finished that up then decided to take advantage of Little Ceaser’s $5 large pizza lunch deal. Conveniently there just happened to be a HUGE park right next to the shop, so we ate our pizza picnic style! This was of course nothing out of the ordinary, eating at a park I mean, except for we were at a big city park. (I suppose the parks are a bit bigger when the population is pushing 65,000!) The girls were amazed when they saw that some of the tables had built-in chess boards! This of course led to a learning opportunity about demographics and how things were so different there than from home.

The drive from Rapid City back to the cabin (or visa verse) is quite a scenic one! We drive by dozens of really neat tourist attractions, the best of which has to be Mount Rushmore!


Photo taken by: Trish Ann

Since we have already been there more times than I can count, we merely drove by slowly and admired the giant faces. We recalled numerous memories of having taking the girls there, had fun laughing about the time we didn’t head the warning signs to leave strollers behind on the hike (if you’ve even been you know exactly why!), we reminisced about the time we stayed until dark to watch the giant lights turn on and much more. Mount Rushmore could probably be talked about forever……but I won’t.

There it is again, could that be a “rich learning experience”? In my opinion yes. We could learn about Mount Rushmore all day on a computer, but take it from someone who knows, nothing compares to actually being there..really there.

By the time we had made it back to the cabin it was dinner time. We had picked up groceries on the way back, that night we were having Brats. The Bacon Cheeseburger kind! Oh those were so good! My hubby grilled them up for us and they were absolutely to die for. To offset out super greasy not so healthy brats we had a healthy serving of salad on the side. 🙂

Same as the night before, we were exhausted! We roasted our marshmallows, enjoyed the warm fire (it was much warmer that night!) then snuggled in to read before bed. It didn’t take long before we all drifted off into dream land.

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