How we Survived – The Home Stretch! – Part 5

 The First Full Day at Home Without Tech

Cock – a – Doodle – Doooo! That’s what my rooster would have said if I actually had one! Ha! Just laying hens here. Bright and early, wide awake, chores done, now what. I had actually donated all my curriculum to a local library last year as we were making the switch to a computer based home school curriculum. Hmmm. I figure we could work on things that needed working on.

Shortcake hasn’t learned cursive yet so we worked on that.


Boogie has one of them monster sized workbooks that she does for fun, so she worked on that.


Remember how I mentioned in my last post that you may have little projects that maybe you haven’t had time to get to? We had one of those! These neat models had been on our shelves for ages! No better time than the present to learn a little about a bugs by putting them together!

Sanding and careful placement was required. It actually took quite a while!

andreaskeleton2 20141008_095347 20141008_094806 20141008_094740

An Ant, a Gad Fly and a Cricket

An Ant, a Gad Fly and a Cricket

They kinda are creepy little skeleton models but very educational and hands on! Best of all yet another activity to keep our minds of not having electronics. Afternoons are easy around here. Between the kids we babysit and boxing practice, plus we visit our library nearly every day, we didn’t have any trouble keeping ourselves occupied until dinner. After daddy made it home from work we busied ourselves doing things like cleaning out the chicken roosts, picking up the yard, that sort of thing. It was a beautiful evening to do outside work. As always, all hands on deck! Every member of the house does their part and chips in. That’s just how it works around here. Another day down! 90 + hours without tech! We are still alive, our world hasn’t fallen apart and we all still like each other! How about that?! Another night reading ourselves into dreamland. (I’m pretty sure by anyone’s standards the girls have earned their Pizza Hut Book It Pizza’s this month! )

The Home Stretch!

7 am the alarms wake us from our slumber. Bright and early begins the bustle of breakfast as the girls trickle one by one from their rooms. Straight away we dive into more handwriting practice and division problems. (I have to say I miss the one on one feeling that comes with creating your own curriculum)

This time we have something FUN planned! While in Rapid City we had stumbled across some exotic meat-eating plants! (seeds of course) We simply couldn’t resist buying not one but two varieties! After our day work was finished we all gathered around the kitchen island to watch Shortcake (she’s my science wiz) teach us how to plant and germinate these little darlings!


So far we have learned:

Pitcher Plants actually contains chemicals (that are similar to those found in the stomach) that could slowly munch and swallow the skin of its prey until it dissolves completely—becoming the very juice that it once tried to drink.
Space Plants Move! … their  leaves quickly fold in as the branches bend down once its leaves are touched!


I’m sure these little plants are going to continue educating us in the months to follow…we are all very excited to watch them grow! (Shortcake can’t wait to see the one trap its first bug!)

So we had done it! At exactly 11:59 am we gathered in the kitchen to watch the oven clock tick over to 12:00 noon! Jellyfish made comment, “We actually did it Mom!”….in a way that wasn’t shock, but more like pride, a genuine sense of accomplishment. Our family set out to achieve a goal together and did! That’s the very moment I knew I had done something beautiful. I swelled with pride. We have grown closer through our adventure, learned so very much about ourselves and the world we live in.

It’s amazing how well a person can pretend to know their own family. We claim we know how much time we spend on our media devices, but have we really added it all up? We say we know what’s best for our children, but do we really know them? Being a home school mamma, because I spend 24 hours a day with my kids near me, of course I thought we were as close as close can get. This last 5 days surprised me. Being without our tech, just for a short time, allowed us to reach deep inside ourselves to connect on a whole new level. I feel like I know my kids so much better know. I know more about them now. I never thought this possible. It goes to show that we, parents I mean, can become to comfortable with “good enough”. It’s not until we slow down to “smell the roses” that we can really understand how little we do know about the very people we love most in this world.

Although it is highly unlikely we even attempt this exact challenge again, our family has gained a precious memory that we will be able to tell stories about for the rest of our lives. It didn’t cost us a penny, only our time, the most precious and valuable of all resources. We as parents devoted our time, our constant and undivided attention to our children for a full 5 days and lived to tell the tale!

My Dare remains in effect forever! If you are reading this now and have not accepted yet, I will say it again.

I DARE you, no I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU  to unplug your children (and yourself!) from electronics for just 5 days! No smart phones, no TV’s, no Kindles, I – anything’s, Play stations, Wii’s , none of it. And no cheating either. Go Big or Go home!


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


2 responses to “How we Survived – The Home Stretch! – Part 5

  1. If I do that, the computer, how will I get my blogs out about the birds so your kids can read them? 🙂 Already gave up TV for the most part several years ago.


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