A Walk Down Memory Lane

I feel like taking a walk down memory lane! Walk with me?


Dear Journal,

Now that it’s been a couple of weeks of all three of my girls home, I’m so happy with our decision to home school. Jellyfish is gaining more & more confidence with her math skills in this setting, She actually told me this morning that she’s glad I’m teaching her math now. (awe!) Boogie is just loving being with Mommy, and Shortcake  is also doing so well.

Our schedule has been tweaked, changed & re-arranged but funny enough most of the changes we made last week we tossed out and went back to our original set. Go figure. I’m finally getting the hang of Sked Track. I’ve researched many other similar programs but always come back to it. I guess fight with the devil you know! Haha, it’s not that bad, but it can be frustrating sometimes.

Even getting the hang of this blogging deal is very new to all of us. I do love this though, very much. What a great way to keep us connected to … well … everyone!

Speaking of being connected, last night was our first official Girl Scout meeting. My girls couldn’t have been more excited to get out and see their friends! Andrea’s group worked on comic strips which she thought was very fun, Shortcakes’s group worked on family and Lacey’s group read stories in their Journey. Meetings are scheduled for every Mon now and I love that. Now more than ever. 🙂

Jellyfish is even all set up to keep on with Cheer leading which (I was never into that sort of thing) I’m happy if she is happy. (Maybe I will get a picture someday!)

All in all it’s going good.

Almost exactly one year ago, we began our home school journey. I jumped right in, head first! It was a huge decision, one that we had actually been considering for many years. I had started ‘Mom’s Journal” to keep memories made while documenting our experience. Of course, the whole blogging concept didn’t last long…I mean, I was trying to learn how to home school 3 kids, it took every ounce of energy I had just to do that! I am glad though that I managed to keep the journal for a few weeks…because now I can look back on these moments, the moments that represent our first memories as a home school family. I can see how far we have come, how our confidence has grown and how much we have changed.


Dear Journal,

I suppose that all home schooling families will say the same thing, it takes practice & trial/error to get a schedule worked out right. With all my preparations we have still made many changes to our daily routine to make it all mesh a little better. All things considered though, so far so good. The girls are getting into the routine of it all, each day goes more smoothly than the one before.

We are using Skedtrack for our daily scheduling & grade keeping…while it is an amazing program, I would recommend starting familiarizing yourself with it WAY in advance..it can be tricky. I guess grades aren’t so important right now at this stage, however, I figure the sooner I figure out and implement a good grading system the better.

Nature study I think is the most interesting class so far. ( I rather dislike it right now only because it is so blasted cold outside) The girls all three seem very receptive to the idea of “observing” nature. Which I’m told most kids think this is boring.

This week we found tons of pine cones and decided to bring them home & attempt to create a wreath with them. Not only do we get a chance to learn about Pine Trees (using our Handbook of Nature Study) we get to have fun with a craft. (once I find my glue gun!!!)

In the beginning I had found Charlotte Mason. My husband and I were very fond of the classical form of education and what it stood for. Being a tech fan though, I couldn’t completely commit truly to the classical way of teaching. Our family did however embrace the classical stories and even though we have changed so very much in our style now, we still enjoy studying nature, the classical way.

Looking back on these old entries is an eye opener for us. Our original blog was intended to be a way for the girls and I to connect. To share our experiences from four different points of views. (So many people told me that my kids would end up hating me or I would have them back in public school by the end of the year so I thought having a public blog would help people to realize that home school kids, my kids, do well!.) Each day we would take our turns on our one computer, writing and uploading pictures of the interesting things we had done that day. We mostly spent our days wondering the wilderness with our nature journals, appreciating the beauty of our world and letting the world teach us it’s lessons.

Shortcake Entry 10/16/2014


there were lots of trees and different pine cones every were i stepped.i love how there were lots of little pine cones  and different colors.i saw little ones and big ones. i saw brown and black pine cones everywhere.i love little pine cones so much.

i learned to no let mom dehydrate pine cones…

That last comment by Shortcake needs some explaining….ha! We thought it would be cool to use the dehydrator to preserve the pine cones, ok, confession, I thought it would be cool….what we didn’t realize was just how big they would get! They all but exploded out of the dehydrator! Just another great example of life teaching us science.

We have come such a long way in just one year. Mostly each and every day has been a joy. I’m so very grateful to be able to bond with my daughters through our adventures in home schooling. Most of our days are pleasant, we all still, a whole year later, really enjoy home school.

It might be a little different now. Now instead of dice for math practice, we use our SimplyFun games. In vocabulary/spelling instead of some random website helping us we use games like Word Bits! Instead of sharing one computer we each now have our own. We have grown, evolved if you will.

I will end our walk with a quote from my eldest daughter.

My experience was amazing. I thought it was going to be boring, but it wasn’t. Go ahead and try! ❤ Jellyfish

She was referring to our philosophy on Nature Study there. I feel like this is a great quote because it’s honest. She thought it was going to be boring but it wasn’t. That actually means the world to me. That means that I as a mother & a teacher am doing my job. I feel like my kids are happy, engaged and blossoming into well rounded young woman with great values and a sense of responsibility.

That means the world to me because my pre-teen was willing to give me a chance, to trust me. That’s really the heart of it right? Trust. We all know that trust isn’t something you can just hand out, it has to be earned. In the last year I’ve successfully gained my children’s trust in all matters. I’m worthy of them and to a mom, what could be a better feeling? With that feeling comes a confidence in myself. I can now trust myself with their education. I can know in my heart that we are learning, bonding and becoming a stronger family because of it all.

I’m very proud of what we have accomplished and how we have accomplished it. – The Playologist Mom





One response to “A Walk Down Memory Lane

  1. I love your post. This is my second year of home schooling. First year was rough with adjustments and getting the hang of it all. Basically my son and I need to figure out how to do school together. This is his second year of Kindergarten. Its better and he is a year older. And maybe I am a bit wiser with a little more experience than when I got started. I have a four year old daughter who loves to do school with me. I am so thankful that I can stay home and home school. I just started a blog and I tell you what it is the best out let ever. And I have just started getting involved in other peoples blogs by committing to read and comment. I’m glad I found your blog. What a great idea you have to share your journey about your day to day life. What a treasure you are creating for your family. I look forward to reading your post.

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