Shortcake Takes on Magic Milk!


Shortcake and I have been working on a way to take our science lessons to a whole new level! We are so very excited to announce her first published video! Shortcake has her very own playlist  on The Playologist Mom Youtube Channel! Shortcake absolutely loves Science but would much rather be learning about it in a hands on kinda way rather than reading about it. That’s when we were inspired! What better way to learn her science lessons than by showing the world how science works!

We are all so very proud of how hard she worked on this particular topic…sometimes I have to remind myself she is only 9! We are not following a book of any kind.or any step by step guide. Shortcake searches for a topic she is interested in and then through the process of trial and error she perfects her project. For the science behind the magic she spends quite a lot of time researching the topic, learning the topic and then figures out a way to deliver it to you all in a way that’s fun! I’m merely here for moral support, run the camera and upload the videos! (please be forgiving of my amateur camera skills, I am only working with a cell phone!) 🙂

Be sure to subscribe & give her a thumbs up to show your support! Shortcake has already started research on her next video! Also, if you haven’t yet, follow my blog here to receive updates on upcoming videos! (We have another big announcement coming soon!)

We do hope you enjoy!

– The Playologist Mom



9 responses to “Shortcake Takes on Magic Milk!

  1. First of all, good job Shortcake! I love the idea of kids sharing projects and learning from each other! I wanted to show this to my children, but when I click on the video, we can see it but we only hear music, not her voice explaining the project. Any suggestions? Thanks!


  2. I am amazed at how much my kids learn from making their own videos – I could tell them the same information, but their retention would be so much less in comparison. Good job allowing her to teach herself Trish!


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