Get to Know the Girl Behind the Lab Coat

Shortcake the Sweet Scientist recently posted her very first ever video to her new YouTube Channel! Yay Shortcake! We are all so very proud of her hard work. She has lots of new experiments ideas which she is hoping to get to soon!  In the meantime she thought it would be fun to sit down for an interview to answer some questions. Make sure to stay until the end for never before seen bloopers from Milk Magic!

Shortcake is just 9 years old and a typical day for her includes chores, lessons, science channel experiments/planning and of course boxing! Yes I said Boxing!

Dear Diary, my baby girl has traded in her tutu for a pair of boxing gloves! Ah! – The Playologist Mom

Shortcake started training just two months ago. She shows the same determination & passion for that as she does science! She trains nearly every day doing everything from 50 reps of bucket push ups to jogging 1/2 a mile! She is a devoted kid and we are all so very proud of her!

10639498_634619909984736_2217165020946567817_n   10703618_644309425682451_6269247025615195469_n

At least Physical Fitness class is taken care of! Shortcake has actually inspired her older sister Jellyfish to jog with her every day. I figure by next spring I won’t be able to recognize my girls! (those muscles on Shortcakes arms are a result of recent training!)

So let’s hear from Shortcake while she answers some questions! You’ll have to be forgiving, I think both of us were nervous! Ha! She definitely deserves a thumbs up for this!

….and just in case you missed the first one…here it is!

Thanks for showing support for my kiddo in her passion for learning!




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