Baking with Boogie – Pumpkin Parfait



bakingwithboogie2 Letting a child explore his/her culinary skills wonderful way to do something hands on that’s full of all its own learning potential! Some benefits of allowing a young child to get involved in the kitchen are:

  • Introductions to Basic Math like basic measurements. In Boogie’s case, learning the difference between Tablespoon and Teaspoon has been fun!
  • Exploration of Senses, Sight – Smell & Touch especially! “What does it look like?” or “How does that taste?” and “How does this feel?” would all be great questions to ask during the activity.
  • Exploration of New Ingredients – Encourage discussions by asking questions, How do Pumpkins grow?, for example.
  • Quality time with Adults – This often is overlooked. The priceless memories made while baking with your children, no matter how small the task is one of the simplest yet most rewarding gifts you can give a child.
  • Increased Confidence – When a child gives something that they have made they are filled with an immense sense of pride. Even the little things in life. It’s our job as parents to nurture that confidence and self-worth at every possible moment!

Boogie my youngest has been super excited to get started with her new Baking show! She has worked so hard to perfect her speaking skills (she has a speech disability) in preparation to this video! This is the first time she has ever worked with pumpkin and some of the faces she makes when handling the puree are quite adorable! I am extremely proud of her efforts!

I hope you have a moment to give this kiddo a thumbs up on YouTube. We are already working on more super easy recipes that even a child can make for the holidays! This particular one, Pumpkin Parfait was suggested to us by a friend. We did make one slight modification to the original, we used cookies instead of spice cake.

I image either way it would be delicious! This was quite good! Boogie hopes that this video will inspire you and your kids to get creative in the kitchen as well. Parents, never be afraid to let your child get involved, as long as it’s safe! Boogie was supervised the entire time by me, even though there was no use of the oven.





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